Field crops
56% of the canton's agricultural area
Most Geneva farming is devoted to field crops that cover 56% of the canton’s agricultural land. Most cultivated – by over 300 farmers – are cereals followed by oleaginous crops like sunflowers and rape (colza). Other crops include lentils, soy, flax, and potatoes.
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Cereals play an important role in crop rotation. Some of them are for human consumption, others are used as animal feed. Wheat and rye are among those in the first category, barley, corn and oats in the second.

Both types of cereals are mainly sown in the fall, from the end of September to early November. The harvest takes place during the summer, from the end of June to early July. Only corn is sown in the spring and harvested in the fall.

Flour that bears the Genève Région-Terre Avenir (GRTA) label is – like all products bearing the label – produced in an environmentally respectful way. The grain used is stored in a silo in La Praille, then milled at the Moulin de la Pallanterie (Vésenaz). The flour is available at Cercle des Agriculteurs outlets and many farm stores.



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