21 Août 2020

Sélection des vins de Genève 2020

Golden boar award for the Cave de Genève !

The 21st annual Sélection des Vins de Genève awards were held Thursday 20th of August at Geneva’s ethnography museum (au musée d'ethnographie de Genève) in the presence of a reduced but enthusiastic crowd from the worlds of hotels and restaurants, tourism and the wine industry.

Floriant Barthassat received the coveted boar sculpture from Valentina Hemmeler, director of the cantonal office for agriculture and nature and Servette FC coach Alain Geiger. The boar is awarded to the wine with the highest number of points in the cantonal wine selection, and this year it goes to a redwine-assemblage from the Cave de Genève.

The Garanoir 2017 "Lili" from the Domaine de la Planta won the bronze young boar prize, which is offered by students at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève. Floriane Cogne, a student from the school, gave it to Jean-David Gaillard.

The bronze fox sculpture, the prize for the favorite wine selected by the canton’s café and restaurant business, went to Sarah Meylan of the Domaine de la Vigne Blanche for the Pinot noir La Cardamone 2018. The famous chef, Bernard Livron, handed it out.

The press prize, an engraving of a weasel, went to Sauvignon 2019 by Dorian Pajic from the Domaine des Trois-Etoiles. The swiss-german journalist Gabriel Tinguely gave it.

The "Tradition" Trophy, a magnificent engraving showing an eagle’s nest, rewards the winery with the highest combined average score for its Chasselas and Gamay. It is offered by the Compagnie des Vieux-Grenadiers and was given to Frédéric Rochaix of the Domaine Les Perrières by Gerald Hettich, honorary president.

Finally, the sculpture of a kite bird, a new prize offered by Swiss Wine Promotion for the best sparkling wine, was also given to the Domaine Les Perrières by Robert Cramer, president of Swiss Wine Promotion.

Internationally well-known artist Robert Hainard realized all the trophies.

In all, 56 wines received gold medals, from 595 wines presented by cellars for this year’s competition.

The pricelist (PDF)

Watch the full ceremony produced by Léman Bleu de la cérémonie (lien)

Photo de Anna Pizzolante, de gauche à droite: Alain Geiger, Sarah Meylan, Valentina Hemmeler, Florian Barthassat, Frédéric Rochaix, Sébastien Schwarz, Dorian Pajic et Jean-David Gaillard