12 June 2024

Sparkling happiness for Les Curiades !

Prizes were awarded for the Sélection des Vins de Genève yesterday evening at the Ecole des Musiques, attended by an enthusiastic public that included celebrities from the worlds of gastronomy, culture, politics, sports, and wine.

State councilor Anne Hiltpold and singer Stéphane handed the famous Sanglier (boar) trophy for the wine with the highest number of points to Xavier Dupraz from Domaine des Curiades in Lully for their sparkling wine Tradition brut, a great premiere for this category of wine!

The bronze fox, the prize for the favourite wine given by the canton’s café and restaurant association members, was handed out by Yves Casanova from Café d'Avusy, to Adeline Wegmüller from Les Vins de la Gara for their Pinot Noir "Palindrome" 2023.

Sauvignon Blanc 2023 from Domaine de la Côte d'Or was awarded the Marcassin (young boar) bronze trophy, a prize offered by students at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève (EHG). The sculpture was given to Harald Gavillet by Gabriela Lara and Nicolas Aumas, students at the hotel school.

The press prize, in the form of an engraving of a marten, was handed out by wine journalist Anick Goumaz to Sébastien Schwarz from Domaine des Bossons for their Aligoté 2023.

The Tradition Trophy, a magnificent engraving showing an eagles’ nest, is awarded to the winery with the best average note for its Chasselas and Gamay. It is offered by the Compagnie des Vieux-Grenadiers and it was given by Cédric Vincent to Stéphane Der Hagopian from Domaine des Rothis.

The bird sculpture of a kite, given for the best sparkling wine, was handed out by Océane Gex, member of the Swiss Wine Promotion committee, to Xavier Dupraz from Domaine des Curiades for their sparkling wine Tradition.

The engraving of a butterfly is awarded to the favourite rosé selected by the oenology students at the Haute Ecole de Changins. It was given out by students Luc Dillier, Lucien Pfister and their director, Conrad Briguet, to Julien Ramu from Domaine du Centaure, for their Rosé de Gamay “Remus” 2023.

A magnificent bouquet of local flowers was given by Pierre Baumgart, president of the Hainard Foundation, To Emilienne Hutin from Domaine Les Hutins, for their Gewürtztraminer 2022, which had the best note of the “natural” wines, a new category for the 2024 Selection.

And finally, hats off to Domaine du Château-du-Crest for its superb results, 7 gold medals, with best wishes from representatives of Groupe Grenat (soccer and hockey), who were guests for this awards ceremony.

All the other trophies were designed by internationally renowned artist Robert Hainard.

Forty-seven other wines received a gold medal, out of a total of 552 wines entered.

The complete list of 2024 winners is available here and the rebroadcast of the ceremony on Léman Bleu.