The horticultural tradition
Canton Geneva has a long history of horticulture, with plant nurseries at Cornavin and Petit-Saconnex going back to the 18th century. However before 1828 – when a contest took place to profile and valorize plant cultivation – we have little knowledge of the ways in which earlier producers worked.

The first horticultural school in the Swiss-French part of Switzerland was created in 1887 by Edmond Vaucher on his property in Châtelaine. The school, which became the Centre de Lullier, later moved to Jussy on the Left Bank. The original site is now home to the rose garden in the Parc des Franchises.

The horticultural sector in Geneva has faced a number of challenges over recent years, such as the need to save energy, distribution logistics, and globalization. Despite this, the canton has remained particularly strong in the production of cut flowers such as tulips and peonies that offer one of the highest price/quality ratios on the world. Geneva is also known for its hothouse orchids and poinsettias.



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